What Pope Francis Secretly Did At Vatican: Is He The Reason The World Is Falling Apart?

Back in October 2019, Pope Francis participated in a horrifying sacrilegious pagan worship rite at the Vatican where the Pachamama fertility goddess was worshiped mere yards from where the original Christians were martyred for the Christian faith. While many Catholics around the world are horrified over why the pope participated in demonic worship, what many people don’t realize is what happened after the ceremony concluded. The details that are now surfacing of the perpetual worship to Satan at Saint Peter’s Basilica could be the precise reason why the world seems to be falling apart at the seams.

If you ask anyone, they’ll pretty much tell you that the year 2020 has been one of the worst years of their lives. Not only are we dealing with a virus that was unleashed to assist the Globalists in their socialism “reset” of the planet, but many are dealing with the aftermath of what this manufactured crisis has caused. Suicides and substance abuse has skyrocketed due to the isolation people are experiencing. Many have had their small businesses ruined with the draconian lockdowns of their cities. Places of worship have been shutdown.

Following the conclusion of the Pachamama pagan worship that took place last year, something took place that was widely overlooked by the world. The demonic cult bowl that was used as part of the worship ceremony to honor the demon Pachamama fertility goddess was then placed on Saint Peter’s altar. This altar is where the Pope is supposed to offer Masses to Almighty God, as it is the High Altar at Saint Peter’s Basilica and the most important one at the Vatican. This Papal Altar has significant meaning because it is placed directly on top of the tomb of Saint Peter where the bones of the founder of the Church was entombed over 2000 years ago.

But ever since the day of desecration of the Vatican at the hands of Pope Francis, this altar has gone completely unused by the Pope. He no longer is offering sacrifices to God, and now the altar serves as a place to hold the demonic bowl that was dedicated to the Pachamama demon, and now serves as a spot to offer a perpetual sacrifice to Satan and his fallen angels.

Professor Armin Schwibach, a professor of philosophy in Rome and Rome Correspondent of the Austrian Catholic website Kath.net, explained the significance of the Pope’s actions that he shared with LifeSiteNews:

He told LifeSite that since the corona lockdown in the Vatican, the Pope has never offered the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass on this altar anymore. Instead, Pope Francis has offered Holy Mass, for example on Easter of this year, on the altar of the Chair of St. Peter, which is situated behind the high altar of the basilica, and only with a small congregation present. Here is a video of that Mass. The first minutes show how the High Altar is empty, and the altar behind it is being used. Also on December 12, the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pope Francis celebrated Mass on that other altar behind the High Altar, passing by the Papal Altar without visibly bowing to it. For all these months now, the Papal Altar has been abandoned, creating a “symbolic emptiness,” in Schwibach’s words.


The significance of the absence of the Pope at the Papal Altar lies not only in the fact that it is the papal altar per se and links the current Pope directly with St. Peter himself. It also lies in the fact that Pope Francis had, on October 27, 2019 – at the closing Mass of the Amazon Synod – placed on that very same altar a highly controversial bowl of plants that had been offered up to the false goddess Pachamama at the beginning of the Amazon Synod. Many saw in this bowl an occult sign, an offering to a demon, that was scandalously placed on God’s altar on which the Pope offers the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.


Not long after this scandalous event, Pope Francis decided not to be called anymore in the 2020 Vatican Yearbook “Vicar of Christ,” giving this title the character of merely being a “historic title.” Instead, he placed his personal name on top of his entry, Jorge Mario Bergoglio. In the 2019 Yearbook, his entry was still entitled “Vicar of Jesus Christ.” Professor Schwibach at the time commented on twitter: “It seems that they continue to dismantle everything.”

Here is a startling summary of the events that have taken place since last year’s Amazonian Synod, when the Pope participated in false idol worship and blessed a sacrifice that had been offered to a false god.

  1. Following the Amazonian Synod last year where his own bishops were bowing down in a circle with pagans and worshipping the Pachamama idol, a Shaman witch concluded the ceremony by putting a black tucum ring on Pope Francis’ finger.
  2. The pope then put pagan idols onto the altars of Saint Peter’s basilica. When the faithful removed the pagan filth and threw it into the Tiber River, the pope called the police, apologized to the Amazonians, and put the idols back.
  3. In the 2020 Yearbook, Pope Francis refuses to be called the “Vicar of Christ,” calling it a “historical title.” This is the first time in the 2000-year history of the Catholic Church that the pope has refused to use the title of the Vicar of Christ.
  4. In the 2019 Christmas program, Pope Francis’ bishops paid homage to Mother Earth and the pagan fertility goddess, insulting the birth of Our Lord and Savior.
  5. The pope celebrated the “plurality of religions,” rather than speaking the TRUTH that there’s only ONE way to heaven, and that’s through Jesus Christ.
  6. He recently spewed heresy by telling the laity to not evangelize and convert people to Catholicism.
  7. The Coronavirus breaks out, which the pope then used as a reason to approve of the shutdown of churches and restrict Mass attendance.
  8. The pope stops celebrating Mass on the very same Papal Altar the demonic bowl was placed at.
  9. Pope Francis then allows a disgusting demonic nativity scene to be erected at the Vatican, while cancelling Christmas Midnight Mass that has always been done to commemorate the birth of the Christ Child.

The fact remains that this demonic cult bowl was placed on the altar of Saint Peter’s Basilica following the idolatry that took place at the Vatican during which a shaman of a false religion seems to have put a curse on Pope Francis’ hands with dirt from the cult bowl. And now, rather than offering Masses to God, a perpetual sacrifice to the Pachamama demon continues directly atop of the bones of Saint Peter who was crucified upside-down for the Christian Faith.

God will not be mocked. And as the “Vicar of Christ,” this pope has the responsibility to lead the Church he has been entrusted with as he comes from the apostolic line of Saint Peter. And now the very man who is responsible for the souls of 1.3 billion Catholics across the planet is offering sacrifices to a demon. People who don’t believe that God won’t inflict punishments on a wide scale for the sins of blasphemers and idolaters hasn’t read the Bible. We all know how idolatry fared in the Old Testament. Just read 2 Kings and you’ll see how God obliterated these unholy priests along with all of their followers.

God tells us in the Bible, “you’ll know a tree by its fruit.” In every way possible, Pope Francis behaves as an enemy of Christ and His glorious Cross. This pope should be on his face crying out to God for forgiveness and doing reparations for bringing pagan filth into our Churches and engaging in idolatry. And until that day happens, we could very well continue to suffer.



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