URGENT: Doctor Sounds Alarm Bell To The World On Extreme Dangers Of COVID Vaccine


Have you noticed that whenever you turn on the news these talking heads and “healthcare experts” are pushing the COVID-19 vaccine on you? Now, airlines and movie theaters are putting plans into action to make the vaccines mandatory, and Bill Gates is proposing the idea of developing digital certificates to show who has received their vaccination. In the wake of all this hysteria and Mark of The Beast-type restrictions, a very brave doctor by the name of Dr. Carrie Madej is risking her reputation and issuing an alarm call to anyone who will listen.

“I looked at the pros and cons and it frightens me. It’s not like your normal flu vaccine. “This is completely new and experimental on the human race,” she begins, (in her video that continues to be banned and purged off of Facebook and YouTube.) “This technology being introduced can change who we are and what we are very quickly.”  She goes into scientific detail about how we are not only going into uncharted waters with this type of vaccine technology, but how it could completely change how we are as humans. But most frightening of all is how the nanotechnology that’s being used for the first time with this COVID-19 vaccine could give the government unbridled access into every single thing that’s going on inside of your body.

If you’ve ever seen the move The Matrix, you’re familiar with the idea of the concept of “transhumanism” and how the blending of technology and the human race will meld us into a new realm of artificial intelligence. This is the very sort of technology being promoted by technology mogul Elon Musk and inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil. Dr. Madej warns that these self-proclaimed “self humanists” are the very types who want us to go from “human 1.0” to the next version of “human 2.0” which will completely change us from who God created us to be. Here are the things you should consider because there is far more to this vaccine from what the talking heads are telling you:

  1. The Vaccine can modify your DNA.

Moderna is currently the main vaccine being administered to the masses which was engineered by researcher Derek Rossi. The Moderna company was completely founded on the concept of genetic mortification, and his company has been successful in taking modified RNA and reprogramming the stem cells in the body to completely change both its function and genetically modifying it. Of course this is something the mainstream media isn’t telling you.

2. This type of technology has never been attempted on humans before.

The next troubling fact about the COVID vaccine is that this type of technology has never been used on humans before. What we are experiencing at this point in history is completely experimental and the first run. And despite there being inadequate testing in regards to the safety of this type of technology, it’s being pushed on the population. Typically, a vaccine will be tested for safety for at least 5 or 6 years. But Dr. Madej warns that this development has gone from the first phase (March 2020) to the finished phase in less than a year.

3. The side effects of the Moderna vaccine during testing were alarming. 

During Moderna’s test study, they had a group of 35-45 humans and divided the group into a high-dose group and a low-test group. Out of the total number of those who were administered a high dose of the vaccine, 100% of them experienced side effects! Among the low-test group, 80% of the individuals experienced side effects. But what’s even more frightening is we have no idea what the long-term effects of this vaccine will be.

4. When the vaccine was tested on animals, the results were horrifying.

While we still have no idea what the long-term effects of this Moderna vaccine will be, we can get a good idea by examining the results from the animal studies that have been conducted. From what was gleaned through animal testing, we can expect increase cancer rates, mutagenesis (process by which genetic information of an organism is changed by the production of a mutation), – auto-immune reaction deterioration. One animal study was done on a ferret. Once the animal was treated with the vaccine, the animal began experiencing an exaggerated immune response that resulting in the animal having inflamed lungs and liver issues.

5. The vaccine uses the technology of “transfection” which is extremely dangerous. 

To administer the vaccine, what’s known as a microneedle platform would be used. This technology was developed by MIT and can be mass-produced very quickly. The goal is to make it so that an individual could eventually vaccinate themselves where they would receive what looks like a Band-Aid with little spicules (tiny needles) on it. One you apply the “Band-Aid,” you would then be vaccinated, as the vaccine would go into your body through little tiny needs that contain a hydrogel that would puncture into your cell membranes. Within the hydrogel of this vaccine contains Luciferase and the vaccine itself.

Once the Moderna vaccine goes into your body, the modified RNA/DNA would then puncture into the membranes of your cells. From there, the nucleus of your cells would be invaded by this synthetic code part of the virus. The cells of your body would then begin transcribing this code and start producing more of that part of the virus. The idea is that by exposing your body to this, your body would get used to seeing this and would know how to make anti-bodies and would have an improved T-cell response, and hopefully in the future, your body would then know how to fight the virus.

The giant blaring issue with this type of technology is that it uses a process called transfection. And transfection is the way that we make genetically modified organisms. We know how genetically modified fruits and vegetables are not as healthy as organic ones. If we become genetically modified as well, we would not be as healthy.

6. Vaccine manufacturers claim the vaccine will “not alter your DNA” which is 100% NOT TRUE.

If we use this exact process of transfection to make a genetically modified organism, why would it not do the same thing to a human? While they might hope that this modification is just temporary, Dr. Madej warns that this vaccine can be taken up onto the genome and become so stable, which would then force your body to start replicating the virus and thus become a permanent part of your genetic makeup.

7. Bill Gates could own your body.

Once the vaccine is administered, this synthetic piece of RNA and DNA will be taken up into the genome. It is not natural substances your body is binding with; it is synthetic. And if you look at the Supreme Court Justice rulings on synthetic DNA, it can be patented. And patents have owners. So what does this mean for us if this gets into our genome? Does that mean that Moderna, or the Bill Gates Foundation, or anyone involved in the patent of this vaccine could potentially own part of our genome? Sounds pretty creepy to me.

8. The vaccine has ingredients in it named after Lucifer??

Whenever I think of people pushing mandatory vaccines or chips, I’m always reminded of the Mark of The Best that the Bible warns us about. It seems incredibly creepy that with the rollout of this new technology, they would name the enzyme in the cell after what sounds eerily familiar to Satan, or Lucifer. The Luciferase Enzyme that’s inside this vaccine has what is described as “luminescent qualities and can produce its own light.” It’s nothing more than a tracking system, so the government can tell if you’ve had the vaccine. Once you have the Luciferase Enzyme in your body, it can easily be detected through an iPhone app by scanning over the area where the vaccine was adminstered which will then produce a digital imprint or digital pattern. It also gives you an ID/barcode, and you become a product. If you think this sounds like some apocalyptic Mark of The Beast-type technology, you’re not alone.

9. Nanotechnology of vaccine would allow the government to know EVERYTHING about your body.

Thanks to the government agency known as DARPA (The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), we now have nanotechnology. The hydrogen that is contained within the vaccine is nanotechnology, which are microscopic little robots. And these little robots (yeah we know it sounds crazy), can disassemble/reassemble and make different things. With this hydrogel (nanotechnology) you’re injecting into your body as part of this vaccine, these microscopic robots will have the ability to connect with artificial intelligence. This means that a human can now directly connect to a smartphone/device, and it would be a continual and permanent connection.

Think about how immediately that could change our personal privacy, autonomy, and our freedom. Through this type of technology, not only would information about your blood sugar and oxygen levels be detectable, but also our emotions. The government could then freely snoop and learn anything they wanted about you, for instance, whether you’re current on all your vaccines. But where is all this information going? Who is protecting this information? Why is the media just skipping over the details of what’s in this vaccine and the unprecedented invasion of privacy that could result from nanotechnology now in our bodies?

10. You could receive unwanted messages through this artificial technology

If our bodies are able to now connect to artificial intelligence due to the nanotechnology/hydrogel that’s now in our bodies, the results are downright terrifying. Similarly to how a cell phone can receive messages/information, our bodies would also be able to receive information. What type of information would be coming back into us? Could our mood and behavior be affected? Perhaps our memory or how we think?

Dr. Madej’s warnings about these vaccines pose a lot of disturbing questions.

Why is the mainstream media not talking about the details of what’s in this vaccine? Why are these companies lying that these vaccines won’t affect our DNA when that is a complete lie? Do we really want to go from Human 1.0 to Human 2.0? Why is DARPA and the military involved? Why is Bill Gates, the very man who wants to decrease the global population by 80% so obsessed with these vaccines being administered?

You see the Bill and Melinda Foundation everywhere with this. Their track record is extremely unsettling as they are very much globalist proponents of eugenics/population control. Keep in mind that Bill Gates is the very same vaccine criminal that has been caught on tape saying that “with a “good vaccine we could decrease the global population by 10-15%.” Umm what?! You’re not coming near me with your stupid needle!!

What’s also extremely unsettling is the other technology that Bill and Melinda Gates, along with DARPA are involved in. Gene Extinction Technology is something they are actively pushing, which uses genetic mutations and transfections, through which one can exterminate an entire species from the planet.

But who gets to make the determination of what species stays and what species goes? Our ecosystem is one of delicate balance. By removing one species, you could potentially throw off the entire eco system. And if they can do it to mosquitos in Africa, you better believe that they can do it to humans.

If you think this this vaccine is about your health, you’ve got another thing coming. This new vaccine technology is dangerous to our health, an invasion of privacy, and could potentially change who we are as a human race completely. And keep in mind, thanks to the laws that exist in America, vaccine companies have ZERO liability if harm is done to humans. So, if you’re hurt, you’re maimed, you’re crippled or you’re paralyzed, you have absolutely no recourse. There’s no incentive for them to make this vaccine safe. But of course criminals like Bill and Melinda Gates will be able to go on with their life lining their pockets from all the money flowing in from their harmful vaccines.

In conclusion, and perhaps most disturbing of all, is the evil powers-that-be could push this vaccine on the population regardless. Thanks to the insanity contained within the Emergency Preparedness Act, vaccines can be forced upon us if there’s “no other viable treatment or prevention available.” And with the way that doctors around the world are being censored and demonized for sharing viable treatment options for COVID-19, you can bet your bottom dollar that there’s another agenda with this Moderna vaccine. And it’s sure not one that is about your health.

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