Priest Issues Urgent Warning How COVID Is Being Used By Satan To Drag Souls To Hell: ‘We Must Fight!’

Father Dana Christiansen is a terminally-ill Roman Catholic priest who was recently diagnosed with COVID-19 after battling ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. With many Churches across the globe being shut down due to the virus, Father Christiansen issued a dire warning through an open letter to his fellow priests and to the laity after receiving a message from the Lord about how Satan is using the virus to drag souls to hell as the laity is being deprived of the Holy Sacraments by the draconian church and government officials. He also goes into great detail about what his brother priests can do to fight back as well as the responsibility of the laity when it comes to these trying times.

In his open letter to the laity, his brother priests, and all bishops, Father Christiansen goes over his battle with COVID-19 about spiritual warfare. He begins:

“My own experience with the COVID-19 virus taught me a great deal, but the most important of these things is that the COVID phenomenon is primarily a spiritual reality. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not a science denier on COVID. It is a very real virus. But the point I’d like to make is that our ancient foe, the devil, is an opportunist, and will use every chance he can to use something like this against us.”

Father Dana Christiansen is a terminally-ill Roman Catholic priest who was recently diagnosed with COVID-19 after battling ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease

Father Christiansen said that as the days went on with his battle against the sickness, he noticed himself getting more and more agitated and what he describes as a “demonic disorientation” overtaking him. Something he had not experienced in a long time.

“For the first time I seemed to be losing my peace, which I found chaotic.”

The spiritual attacks were being compounded by his justified anger he felt about Pope Francis and the pontificate’s completely erroneous teaching on civil unions as well as the non-stop media bias against everything good and holy.

“Not to mention a “Catholic” candidate running for president who is a man of iniquity and sin disguised as a child of light,” Father Christiansen went on. “But not even these things have, until I got COVID, caused me to lose my peace so completely.”

COVID, he was realizing, was more than just a simple virus. The wearing down of his body was now becoming a spiritual attack as well.

“What this tells me is that COVID is more than a simple virus,” he went on. “It may have started that way, but the bastard demon couldn’t leave well enough alone. You see, the thing that Satan wants more than anything is you and me in hell for all eternity. He knows that one of the best ways of getting us there is to bring us to a place of isolation, fear, despair, lack of interior freedom, and most insidiously of all, a separation from the means of our salvation, the sacraments. Yes, I believe this is the work of the devil.”

“This is what the devil does, and in so many ways, the Church and her leaders have played right into his filthy little hands, and it is high time it stopped.”

Father Christiansen said the solution is that when you’re under spiritual attack, you have to fight fire with fire.

“If Satan turns up the heat, so do we. We must use every weapon in our arsenal. Some of these weapons are suited more for priests and bishops, but there is plenty that everyone can do to begin knocking back the enemy of our soul.”

The priest realized quickly that the first step to help with the spiritual attack and to find peace again was to spiritually detox by unplugging himself from social media completely. And being that he was now in the hospital battling COVID, it was a perfect opportunity.

“One of the means our Lord used with me when I began to feel disoriented is that He wisely removed me from the agitation,” he went on his open letter. “This required me to go to the hospital, surely an unpleasant way of finding some peace, but highly effective. No phone, no computer, no Facebook, no soul-sucking Twitter, not even a good book to occupy my mind. This spiritual detox was exactly what I needed. It forced me to focus on Jesus and him alone.”

“The devil hates this, which is why we must embrace it. We need a great disconnect from the world, and a great reconnect with Jesus. This will require the Cross, but without doing it, we will continue down the path of demonic disorientation, which we cannot afford.”

The next part of the solution is for priests and bishops, where Father Christiansen says the shepherds need to take a more active role in fighting for the souls of the laity as they are the Generals in this fight. Leading by example by “embracing the Cross and climbing on it,” and then confronting COVID head on as it is being used as Satan’s tool to drag souls to hell as the laity are being deprived of the Sacraments with the closing of Churches. And the next suggestion that Father Christensen offers might seem radical, but bishops as the successors of the apostles need to start using their authority when it comes to casting out demons. He went on:

“First, if we believe COVID is being used by Satan to drag souls to hell, then confronting that head on needs to be priority number one. Bishops have immense authority when it comes to casting out demons. As successors of the Apostles they have full authority in their diocese over the devil and his minions. There is literally nothing stopping a bishop from exorcising his diocese, except, of course, fear of people thinking he is crazy. That’s what they said about Jesus too.

“I believe the exact quote is that ‘he is out of his mind.’ To bishops who are afraid of being seen as out of their mind, I ask again, why are you a priest? To be thought well of, or to give your life with Christ as a ransom for many? If it is the latter, then put on your cassock, drive to the four corners of your diocese, open the Roman Ritual, put on your purple stole, and set to work. And here is another idea, don’t hide what you are doing. Jesus didn’t hide his ministry of casting out demons.”

“He exorcised in public as a way of drawing souls to himself. So I say call in the troops. Invite your priests to join you. Call in the religious. Call up the  Knights and Dames of the Holy Sepulcher, Malta, and the Knights of Columbus! We suffer from a severe lack of Catholic identity. What better display of authentic Catholic identity than the bishop surrounded by his priests and the laity to boldly and fearlessly confront evil? Sure, some would say the bishop is crazy, but what kind of a bishop cares what people think, when souls are at stake?”

After his personal stint with COVID, Father Christensen shared his idea of exorcism with his own bishop who seemed open to it. Even though bishops must take the lead when it comes to exorcisms, he says that priests and laity have the duty and the right to demand proper pastoral care which includes protection from Satan, the ancient foe.

“So, dear brother priests and laity, ask for and demand action. Your bishop may think you a bit off, but come, now, Father, did you become a priest to be a bishop-pleaser, or to be a hero of the faith?”

In addition to prompting bishops to exorcise their authority and drive out demons, another thing Father Christensen says all bishops should do immediately is to call for a Year of St. Joseph in their diocese, focusing on St. Joseph’s title of Terror of Demons:

“Along with Fr. Donald Calloway, I believe we are living in a time marked by St. Joseph. Bishops would do well to spread devotion to St Joseph, even aiding their dioceses in a period of preparation for a consecration to St. Joseph. I would even have special medals of St. Joseph, Terror of Demons struck, blessed, and distributed to anyone who promises to wear it.”

Saint Joseph is the “terror of demons” and it’s extremely important that Catholics consecrate themselves to Saint Joseph in this time of great calamity

If some bishops are not open to spreading the devotion of St. Joseph, pastors of parishes can do it themselves as they are the ones who have the real pastoral authority over their parishes. He says don’t wait for others to start an initiative or implement reforms as this can lead to a spirit of mediocrity. Encouraging his brother priests to exercise their authority without fear, he went on:

“No, brothers, you have real canonical authority to govern your parishes, so do it! Seize the day! If you want to call a Year of St. Joseph, do it! If you want to start offering the Traditional Latin Mass, you have every canonical right to do so. If you want to start using Gregorian Chant, or to get new hymnals, or any number of reforms, do it! You have real authority to do so. Do it wisely, and teach your flock why, but to wait for the chancery to issue a document or to wait for the bishop to direct you to reform the liturgy is futile.”

Finally, and most importantly, Father Christensen addressed the issue of bishops and priests depriving their flocks of the very means of salvation, the sacraments, which he says needs to be addressed forcefully. And with lockdowns looming with the pope already cancelling Christmas Masses at the Vatican, he says priests and bishops need to be planning now how they will handle this unlawful governmental overreach as well as the overreach of the pope and bishops who are neglecting their duties of providing for their flocks with the sheep need their shepherds the most:

“Now, I must be clear: my criticism lies not with bishops and priests who did everything they could to provide the sacraments, but rather with those who, with no spirit of fighting with a supernatural faith, immediately capitulated to what a person with a basic sense of human freedom could recognize as an infringement of the rights of the Church. No government has the right to tell the Church of Christ how, where, when, or how many can worship. My criticism lies with those bishops and priests who would rather win favor in the eyes of the world, who would rather go along to get along, who would rather hide out in fear instead of courageously putting their lives on the line to save souls.”

He then encouraged his fellow brothers to remind themselves why they became priests in the first place. Was it done to, “capitulate to oppressive governments? To  capitulate to cowardly bishops? Or did we become priests to put ourselves out there in spite of the danger? Our forefathers died for such things. What about us?

Having experienced firsthand the spiritual ravages wrought by COVID and how a soul caught in its clutches can become “diabolically disoriented,” this situation can become extremely dire both for the person suffering and for the pope, bishop, or priest denying the Sacraments:

“…to deprive a person in that situation of the comfort of the sacraments is the height of cruelty and a grave sin of omission. For the pope not to be actively fighting for the freedom of the Church is a scandal. The same goes for bishops and priests in their own dioceses and parishes.”

As mandatory lockdowns are now sweeping the globe again with the draconian prohibition of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Father Christensen says it’s time to choose between radical obedience to Jesus Christ despite the consequences that follow:

“Bishops and priests have suffered to bring the sacraments to the faithful in every day and age. They have been imprisoned, tortured, and martyred  in most heinous ways, yet in most parts of the world, bishops and priests live in fear of the slightest threat from governments or leaders in the Church beholden to the globalist agenda and government handouts. This sort of soft and effeminate behavior is an insult to our forefathers who freely gave their lives for the flock. May these martyrs of old and of today intercede by giving weak bishops and priests a swift kick in their clerical trousers, reminding them that they are men, and should act as such.”

Father Christensen realizes that what he’s written in his open letter is “wishful thinking,” as most of us have come to the point where we have completely lost faith in our Catholic leadership between the lack of transparency:

“Between the lack of transparency on sex abuse, the refusal to acknowledge the problem of homosexuality among the episcopate and presbyterate, the constant revelations of serious financial corruption at the highest levels of the Church, regular reports of money given to the bishops conference by you and me being used to promote and pay for mortally sinful activities, widespread liturgical abuse, unjust and canonically unlawful restrictions on the Traditional Latin Mass and ad orientem worship, and most grievous of all, the doctrinal confusion perpetrated by none other than Pope Francis himself, there is nary a faithful soul who has confidence in our leadership. In my experience in listening to the faithful, most are in this camp, even if they don’t say it out loud.”

“The faithful have sadly come to the conclusion that the pope, bishops, and most priests are not coming to save us. I wish they were, and maybe the Lord will intervene, but their actions thus far don’t speak well about how they will act in the future.”

In conclusion, Father Christensen says the time for sitting on the fence is over and we must choose which side we are on. This choice will either mean following men or the Cross. HE encourages all his fellow priests to put aside ambition and human respect so that they can experience the freedom that comes when they surrender fully to God’s will, even if it means losing everything:

“I am losing everything to ALS, yet I am more free than I have ever been. This freedom has come at a cost, namely the Cross. But it is worth it because the Cross and the truth and the salvation of souls is why I became a priest. How about you? Why did you become a priest? Are you willing to suffer to do what you are called to do even if the government, or God forbid, the pope or bishop were to tell you not to? Are you willing to be obedient to Jesus above all?

“Jesus didn’t commission us to give the sacraments to only those who were not quarantined, or only in time of health, rather Jesus showed by example that we should visit those who are contagious like lepers, that we should visit and even touch  those who are unclean like the woman with the hemorrhage, that even those possessed by the devil were granted help in their need. Are you, my brother, willing to do this even if the government tells you not to? I hope the answer is a rousing yes! Your salvation may depend on it.”

Father Christensen then offered advice to the laity, as their work is extremely important in these times, including prayer, fasting, and reparation being the first priorities. Then the second important duty that all laity have is to openly and defiantly support all bishops and priests who are willing to defy the government:

“Financing lawsuits and legal defense is expensive, so stepping up financially will be necessary. It is possible that some courageous priests will be dismissed, and they too, should be supported financially and morally. There is another side of the coin when it comes to finances, and that is withholding finances from parishes and dioceses who refuse to provide the sacraments to the faithful. Instead, give to parishes, dioceses, or religious orders who do. We all hate to admit it, but money talks, and scandalously, it is the only language some priests and bishops speak. Finally, speak up! Get involved in the political process. Meet publicly to pray, have processions, and gather in front of your churches even if they are locked. If the government, or your priest, or your bishop tells you not to, do it anyway. Obedience extends only to those things where the government, priests, and bishops have lawful authority. Last time I checked, bishops, priests, or the government do not have the authority to tell people that they cannot gather to pray. Anyone can gather at anytime to pray.”

In the end, Father Christiansen wants everyone to remember that God wins. He will come to judge the living and the dead and Justice will be done. Thoughts and hearts of everyone will be revealed and His Will alone will be made known. He concluded:

“We have the promise of our Lady of Fatima that in the end her Immaculate Heart will triumph. If we are on the side of the angels, if we have sought to live the truth without compromise and in spite of, as the hymn says, dungeon, fire, and sword, then we will live forever in the sight of God. If, however, we choose the easy way, if we choose the wide path that leads to death, if we align ourselves with the ancient foe who seeks to isolate us, instill in us fear, and deprive us of the means of our salvation — the sacraments — then we will find ourselves in the most pitiable state of all, namely, eternal separation from all that is good, beautiful, and true. In a word: Hell.”

“So, choose wisely during these days. The consequences are eternal. Have no fear whatsoever. Love the Cross, for it is our freedom. Fight for what is rightfully yours. Pray, pray, pray.”

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