Pope Issues Mandatory Order and Those Refusing Will Be Immediately Punished


It seems like we can’t even go a day without some crazy and twisted news coming out of the Vatican at the hands of the fake Christian/Free Mason pope who continues to make a mockery of the Catholic Church. If bringing pagan idols into Vatican grounds and ramming false religions down our throats wasn’t enough, now Pope Francis is now getting involved in our health decisions as well with the sweeping decision he just made from the halls of Vatican City.

As an extremely devout traditional Catholic, I am constantly the watchman on the wall when it comes to warning other Christians about demonic infiltration that’s taking place within the Catholic Church. In every way possible, Pope Francis behaves as an enemy of Jesus Christ and is doing everything he can to subvert and destroy the Catholic Church from within. Now the very same pope who wants to make excuses for homosexuals and abortion is spewing his opinions about “morality” yet again by making it mandatory that all Vatican workers will have to receive the COVID vaccine, or face termination. Breitbart reports:

ROME — The Vatican has insisted all its employees receive the coronavirus vaccine, threatening to demote or sack those who refuse. Those who refuse the vaccine “without proven health reasons” make themselves liable to “consequences of different degrees that can reach up to the interruption of the employment relationship,” reads a February 8 decree from Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello, president of the Governorate of Vatican City State.

This draconian decree directly contradicts a statement made earlier by the Vatican’s health department where  Andrea Arcangeli had previously stated  that the vaccine would never be mandatory for Vatican workers or residents. Some of Pope Francis’ blathering on his mandatory decision included the following statements:

“I think ethically that everyone should take the vaccine,” the pope told Italian journalist Fabio Marchese Ragona. “It should be done.”

“It is not an option — ‘I think so, I don’t think so’ — it’s an ethical choice, because you gamble with your health, you gamble with your life, and you gamble with other people’s lives,” the pontiff declared.

“I don’t know why some people say, ‘no, the vaccine is dangerous,’” Francis continued. “Doctors are proposing it as something that can be helpful and as something without special dangers, why wouldn’t you take it?”

Globalists like Francis are doing everything they can to chip away at our human rights. Let’s forget all of the horrifying side effects people are experiencing with this vaccine or the fact that it WILL alter your DNA. Of course the Vatican is trying to defend their oppressive measures by vehemently denying that it infringes on the rights of employees, claiming instead that the measure is “an urgent response to a public health crisis and reflects the need to protect individual workers and the broader community.” The Vatican further stated that the punishments being handed out to those refusing the vaccine should “not be seen as punitive measures” and do not constitute “repressive” action against workers.

If you think Pope Francis and these globalist scum care about your health with their mandatory vaccines, you’ve got another thing coming. This new vaccine technology is dangerous to our health, an invasion of privacy, and could potentially change who we are as a human race completely. And keep in mind, thanks to the laws that exist, vaccine companies have ZERO liability if harm is done to humans. So, if you’re hurt, you’re maimed, you’re crippled or you’re paralyzed, you have absolutely no recourse. There’s no incentive for them to make this vaccine safe. But of course criminals like Bill and Melinda Gates and the criminals and globalists who support them will be able to go on with their life lining their pockets from all the money flowing in from their harmful vaccines.

H/T [breitbart.com]


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