Mark Zuckerberg In Hot Water After What His Moderators Admit On Secretly-Recorded Video

“Technocracy” is defined as existing when a society or industry is controlled by an elite group of technical experts. And when you look at what’s going on in our country with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube controlling what everyone on planet earth can or cannot say, you can see that we re truly living under a technocracy. As free speech Nazis such as Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey continue to purge conservative voices from their platforms and fact-check every single sentence that’s posted to question the cheating antics of the Left with this ongoing presidential election, Zuckerberg has just been busted big time after what his platform moderators were just caught bragging about in several secretly-recorded videos.

If you’re a Conservative on Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook, chances are you’ve been silenced at some point by one of their America/Trump-hating moderators. And while Mark Zuckerberg continues to lie under oath that his platform is “politically neutral” every time he’s dragged to Capitol Hill to testify, the cat is finally out of the bag with what they’re really doing to train their moderators. In a bombshell video just released by Project Veritas, footage can be seen of moderators on a hidden video claiming that they delete pro-Trump conservative posts and routinely issue shadow-bans against users who go against their feral Left-wing views. But that’s just the beginning. Facebook former employee/insider, Zach McElroy is stepping forward, blowing the lid off Facebook’s censorship practices after he decided to expose what’s going on at Facebook headquarters to Project Veritas.

Zach McElroy decided to come forward after witnessing some disturbing things go on at his workplace. He saw and filmed evidence of structural and cultural bias inside of Facebook that discriminated against Republicans and Conservatives. And what McElroy reveals proves that when Zuckerberg is flapping his gums before Congress under oath about the “free speech” of his platform, that Zuck is a big fat liar.

“I am more brave than I am scared of any trouble that anyone could give me for breaking some stupid NDA. I think the truth is more powerful than any NDA. To stick up for the voice of the people.” -Zach McElroy

When asked what percentage of the flagged posts were Republican or Conservative posts, McElroy stated that it right wing posts comprised a startling 80%.

“I saw upwards of 75-80% of the posts in that queue were from Republican pages, politicians, journalists, and pages that supported the President or supported Conservatives.”

When asked what this means in regards to Facebook’s algorithm, he said:

“Well certainly the algorithm is not human but it had to be made by a human. So for 75-80% of the posts to be targeting Republicans and Conservatives, you can say that that it was a bot, but someone had to design that algorithm. So really, somebody at Facebook.”

McElroy said that he is willing to testify before Congress under oath because he believes that free speech was one of the most important things leading up to the 2020 election, and he soon realized that he was one of the only ones at Facebook sticking up for Conservatives on the platform, as he was heavily outnumbered by Left-leaning employees.

“It’s a  company that handles a large portion of the discourse online and we are essentially in charge of what gets said and what gets stifled.”

McElroy feels like Facebook meddled in the 2020 presidential election with the things they did to silence pro-Trump conversations on the platform. And despite what Zuckerberg states publicly about “not wanting to meddle in elections.”

“We know that privately he has very different opinions and we’ve seen that previously. I had no doubt that what he says publicly is not what he means to do privately.”

Even more disturbing is how it was put out in a memo across Facebook as a policy that a certain popular image of President Trump that hangs in a museum in Portland, Oregon, would not violate any of their terms and conditions. The disgustingly graphic image shows someone putting a knife to President Trump’s neck, where he is about to be decapitated, along with the large words that read, “F*** Trump.”

“Facebook reacted to this internally and gave us a memo saying that this would not violate for violence and incitement. And we were told to leave this image up.”

He also reveals that Facebook went out of their way to make an exception to their hate speech policy, allowing CNN anchor Don Lemon’s quote about white men to remain up. Lemon had said on his show that “white men are the biggest terror threat to the country,” implying that white men are terrorists and a statement which should have triggered the hate speech moderation steps on the platform. But Facebook’s excuse was that the disgusting image was a “news worthy” event. McElroy said the reason is because Facebook wants to have the backs of people like this CNN news anchor.

Not surprisingly, Facebook intentionally censored Project Veritas’ investigations into Epstein because for some reason Mark Zuckerberg also sides with the former pedo island owner.

Steve Grimmitt is a Faecbook moderator and lead for content review in Austin, Texas. Unlike the dirt that Zach McElroy willingly shared with Project Veritas, the things that Grimmitt admitted came from secretly-recorded videos, and what he had to say was mind-blowing.

Steve Grimmitt, Faecbook moderator in Austin, Texas

“Facebook is a very progressive company who is very anti-MAGA.” He admitted that while they do allow President Trump to say things on their platform, the beauty is, they will nail any of his followers who repeat Trump’s words.

“And that’s the fortunate thing is whenever he does say something, if it gets repeated, we can get the average Joe.  It’s hard when you have the top person in the country, that’s his M.O. But you know, Facebook has dome a lot better job of at least policing the mimickers and the mockingbirds that come after Trump.”

In regards to shadow banning conservative users, Daniel Will, content moderator for Facebook, openly admits that shadow banning is routine. Shadow banning is when your profile will appear to be normal, but when you go to post, no one will see your content. It’s a sneaky way of Facebook banning you without officially doing it.

“Facebook is notorious for it [shadow banning]. They say they don’t, but it’s clear that people’s content doesn’t come up because it’s be de-filtered off the queue. “

One unnamed moderator was asked what her standard is when it comes to deleting Trump posts. The content moderator proudly proclaimed, “YES! I don’t give no f***s, I’ll delete it.” When asked if she will still delete the post even if it’s within Facebook’s policy, she said, “Yes. There’s only one week left (in the election) what are they going to do? Send me to OIP? I don’t give a f****,” she says unabashedly and then begins laughing hysterically.

Israel Amparan, another content moderator who was secretly recorded also admits to whacking down every Trump post he encounters.

“Yeah, no honestly, like very time I, like half the time when I delete people for Trump sh**, I’m like, you should be on a government watch list. Trump supporters like to thrown around “Trump Derangement Syndrome” as liberals being crazy. I like to think if it as, actually you’re the one that had f****ing Trump Derangement Syndrome because you’re the one losing your mind because they’re just like, ‘o Trump 2020 MAGA’ and it’s like that sounds a little more deranged to me when you end every argument like that.”

Even Conservatives using Trump hashtags are not safe from censorship even though it does not violate any terms and conditions. Another moderator on a hidden camera bragged that she will always remove a post with Trump hashtags. “No, oh no, f*** no,” saying that it’s “common sense” to remove a post with the hashtag MAGA in it.

“If someone is wearing a MAGA hat, I’m going to delete them for terrorism and just go like crazy,” moderator Lara Kontakos admits on Project Vertias’ hidden video when asked if she’s on a mission against Trump supporters to make up for the last year.

So, there you have it. Mark Zuckerberg is a big fat liar. Not only is his platform not a “politically neutral” company as he has lied numerous times under oath, but his moderators are trained to remove 80% of Conservative posts on their platform.

H/T [Project Veritas]

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