Luciferian Catholic Bishops Are Plotting With Satan To Take Over America

We knew it would happen. The red wave would begin to be so apparent on election night that Biden and his cohorts would have to immediately go into overdrive, putting into action their well-prepared plan to steal the election from Trump. As fraudulent ballots began being rushed into poll centers across swing states and Dominion voting machines began flipping Trump votes to Biden, the mainstream media kicked into high gear to claim victory for the demonic Biden where the usual fake news networks began blasting the fake Biden win across the airwaves. While this act on behalf of Democrats was somewhat predictable, what devout Catholics didn’t prepare for is what Pope Francis and his band of godless Luciferian  bishops would do next.

As an extremely devout Catholic myself, I am constantly the watchman on the wall when it comes to warning other Catholics about demonic infiltration that’s taking place within the Catholic Church. This is not done to bash my Faith, but to warn others that there is a false Church rising up that is desperately trying to pass itself off as Catholicism. But the pukey dribble to constantly trickle out of the Vatican is not Catholicism at all, and the Faithful need to be warned as the ‘Godless Homosexual Pope Francis Mafia’ disturbingly begins to celebrate the fake Biden win which will secure the socialist transformation of our beloved country.

As the Biden camp coordinated with the rabid anti-Trump media to declare his fake victory over the airwaves and dub him with the fake non-existent title of “president elect,” the vomit-inducing congratulatory statement from the U.S. Bishop’s Conference should send shockwaves down the spine of every true Catholic American.

These godless bishops (you know the same heretics who have plotted to cover up the rape of thousands of altar boys over the years) are the very same ones giving Biden a free pass as he paraded around his basement for months falsely claiming that he’s a Catholic. But rather than calling for  fake Catholic Joe Biden to be excommunicated (as supporting things like sodomy and baby slaughter should automatically preclude anyone from being part of the Catholic Church) these godless prelates are showing their true colors which is an unholy alliance with Lucifer himself.

“Let’s draw the connection, shall we? Michael Voris from Church Militant stated. “The media is Luciferian because they engage in the work of the Devil. Which in a word, is deceit. Since the media is involved in deceit, to willfully join them in that deceit, in a blatant attempt to curry favor and give cover for their deceit, is to do the work of the Devil. Period. The US Bishops, as a body, belong to Satan. They possess no supernatural Faith. They are on a path to hell that is so apparent, it appears there is no turning back because they have no desire to turn back. They have no desire because they are totally wedded to this world.”

These ungodly bishops seem to believe that the only sin that exists is challenging wickedness as they are often vocal about traditional Catholics who call them out for their ongoing heresy and blasphemous works.

Despite what the rabid media along with these Luciferian bishops want to claim about Joe Biden and the presidential election, their declaration of a Biden victory has absolutely zero effect on reality. And in the middle of this ongoing circus of voter fraud and voter system manipulation to flip votes from Trump to Biden, there’s nothing more outrageous than to treat this presidential race as if it was over when these bishops know deep down Biden’s victory simply isn’t true. And these bishops along with the media’s portrayal that this election is over and that it’s a done deal and that it’s time to move on is absolutely vile and filthy.

As these heretical church leaders continue to rush in their collaboration with the DC Swamp which they are deeply embedded, they completely ignore the Catholics they should be the most attentive to. Unfortunately for them, the devout Catholics are President Trump’s most ardent supporters and these godless prelates are rapidly losing all credibility among the laity. As the Church Militant here on earth, we should be very vocal about not giving any money to these Luciferian bishops as they are actively doing Satan’s work at this point. As Michael Voris points out, these are the same demonic leaders actively covering up sex abuse scandals within the Catholic Church:

“These are the same mean in more than two dozen states are bankrupting their diocese in the face of a multitude of sex abuse claims, most of those revolving around homo-predator buddies of theirs. But they didn’t declare bankruptcy because for the payouts, they declared bankruptcy as a means to stop those sex-abuse lawsuits dead in their tracks. When a company- and that’s what a Church under these Devils has become- declares bankruptcy, any legal action against it is simply frozen, giving the company the opportunity to prevent any future expenses from arising. In short, the young men their gay clerical buddies raped are getting screwed again by cunning deceitful devils and miters. You know, the same ones cheering on Biden because their pals in the media have crowned him president.”

As word spread that these Luciferian bishops were congratulating Biden on his win, true Catholics collectively convulsed and vomited and grew instantly angry. We are so fed up at this point with the lies, the deception, and the injustice that these homosexual Luciferian bishops continue to spew from their positions of power.

When you take a closer look at the evil these bishops are caught up in, is it really any wonder these godless prelates would scurry over to the Biden bandwagon? These homosexual predators are no doubt elated to have a sodomite and abortion-supporting president in office as they continue to gush over the election of the “46th president.” Most telling of all was in their public congratulatory statement:

“We congratulate Mr. Biden and acknowledge that he joins the late President John F. Kennedy as the second United States President to profess the Catholic faith.

In what universe exactly do these demon-possessed bishops think that Biden “professes the Catholic Faith?” If Biden professes the Catholic Faith, then we can add Hitler to that category too, as he too was also a baptized Catholic. Biden and Hitler could actually be twins in the afterlife when they meet since they probably both have the same amount of innocent blood on their hands.

These bishops are hell-bound at this point because they remain stiff-necked and are choosing to stand tall as generals in Satan’s army. These heretics not only have the blood of millions of innocent babies on their hands with their support of Biden, but most frighteningly, the damnation of the hundreds of millions souls that they’re leading straight to hell with their heresy and blasphemy.

“The offspring of the Devil, like all offspring, resemble each other…sometimes remarkably. This is one of those times when a remarkable resemblance is clearly visible.” -Michael Voris

Just like these unholy bishops, we must resist Joe Biden at all costs. And as for these hell-bound heretics masquerading as shepherds, may God have mercy on their souls.

H/T [Church Militant]



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