Is “Joe Biden” Just an Actor On a Movie Set? This Odd Video Has Many Speculating

Since last November, when the Democrats stole the election from President Trump we all knew it was going to start getting REAL interesting and we haven’t been let down. Each day there has been a new plot twist, more questions, and a growing desire to root out the swamp creatures that have taken over our government.

Over the last several weeks, since Biden was installed into the “White House” as president there have been many strange things happening in the Washington D.C, area that has informed citizens questioning the “official” narrative. For example, many people have noticed that the lights have remained off at the White House, the military presence in the metro area has not gone away, and there are several fences with barbed wire surrounding buildings.

One journalist, who is in the area has stated that D.C. is essentially a ghost town beside some stragglers so what is going on?

Richard Potcner, also known as @DPotcner on Twitter and Telegram, said that the U.S. Capitol is heavily guarded and said that the troops appear to be in good spirits but claims the White House and other buildings may be empty.

“The White House is basically a ghost town,” he said. “On Pennsylvania Avenue which connects the White House to the capitol — all those buildings — the FBI, Department of Treasury, the Labor Department, all that — those buildings are basically abandon.”

“It reminds me of the hospitals,” he explained. “All of D.C. is basically abandoned basically.”

So with all that being, nothing is surprising me much anymore, even this video that has surfaced showing Biden’s face appearing to peel off.

Check this out:

After watching that, I have been scratching my head which I am unsure you are too but it does bring to mind the theory that has been floating around on the interwebs. Months ago, there was a famous Q post that contained the reference “Castle Rock” as a step in the plan after the Inauguration.

Multiple theories have been floated about what that means, but a new theory is it refers to Castle Rock Entertainment, and it means Joe Biden is not at all in the White House but on a movie set.

Castle Rock Entertainment is an American film and television production company founded in 1987 by Martin Shafer, director Rob Reiner, Andrew Scheinman, Glenn Padnick, and Alan Horn. It is a subsidiary of Warner Bros. a division of AT&T’s WarnerMedia.

The idea is that a set is being used in Hollywood, particularly the set used to film The American President at Castle Rock Studio owned by Rob Reiner (an outspoken Trump hater and Hollywood Twitter crusader).

Here’s a picture of Trump in the Oval Office not too long ago:

Here’s an IMG from The American President filmed @ Castle Rock studios.

And here is an image of Joe Biden in the supposed Oval Office next to all of those executive orders he has been firing off lately.

Again, I am not confirming this to be true, just reporting.

Now that you have a better baseline to compare this all too let’s take a quick look back at the video posted above. In the video, you noticed the image of the Oval Office with what appeared to have the walls coming apart, right? In case you missed that part, here is the image so you can see it up close.

Now, the White House is, of course, an older building, but is it old enough to have walls just come apart while sitting with other officials?
Then there is Press Secretary Jen Psaki and the podium from where she often answers not one question that the press asks.
Does that not look strange to you?
It appears again to be a set to sell to the American people that Biden is in office when it just seems that he is not.
The inconsistencies are mounting from Biden’s face mask to the office that he supposedly is sitting in and hopefully, we will get answers soon enough.
I know that sounds hard to believe but with everything we have encountered over the last few months, we have to question everything that is being presented to us.
What do you think?
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