EXPOSED: The Radical Sex Agenda Corrupting School Kids As Young as Kindergarten

There is an ongoing plot by Marxists in our country to completely destroy our way of life and to transform America into a socialist utopia. We can see that their goals being played out in the streets as Marxist groups like Black Lives Matter are methodically working to demonize our country and to take a wrecking ball through our culture. Now, unfortunately, the evil powers at the top are targeting our children by indoctrinating them in the classroom, and the sexual perversion that they’re pushing on our children, starting in kindergarten, will make you want to vomit. 

Despite what liberals want to believe, America was founded on Christian values. The very fabric of our nation consists of faith, morals, and the all-American family. But over the last several years, a Marxist disease has been infiltrating our schools and our society as this evil rampage attempts to destroy everything pure and wholesome about our children and families. What’s currently being rammed down the throats of our children under the guise of “sexual education” will cause us to completely lose our children and this generation if we don’t work together to stop it. 

The disease that is now in full-swing in 27 states in America is known as “Comprehensive Sexuality Education.” Although it might look innocent on the outside, this curriculum is extremely radical and corrupting our children at an extremely rapid pace. In the 27 states where this filth has been accepted by school boards, kindergarteners will now learn about masturbation, anal sex, transgenderism and abortion. They’re teaching elementary-aged children that it’s perfectly acceptable to start experimenting with sex whenever they want to. By the time your child is in third grade, they’ll be taught how to experiment sexually by masturbating each other so they will have an “awakening as to what a healthy sexual relationship should look like.”

So how in the world did this filth get into our schools anyway, and who is behind it? It began with the godless slime-balls at the United Nations who back in 2008 decided they should be the ones determining the “standards for sex education.” Organizations from the World Health Organization and the German Federal Ministry of Health then put their dirty minds together and crafted a manual together containing information to teach children. African children were used as the guinea pigs for this sexual instruction, and from there, it started becoming integrated into American schools. And if you thought what they’re pushing on kindergarteners was completely vile, just wait until you hear what they teach about infants! In the section of their pamphlet on the “sexuality of infants and toddlers,” it states:

“Children are sexual even before birth. Males can have an erection while still in the uterus, and some boys are born with an erection. Infants touch and rub their genitals because it provides pleasure. Children can experience orgasm from masturbation although boys will not ejaculate until puberty. By about age two, children know their own gender. They are aware of differences in the genitals of males and females and in how males and females urinate.”

The sex manual then goes on to describe how children have the choice on when to have sex saying that it’s “one of humanity’s most common behaviors” and that youth “need accurate health information about all forms of sexual intercourse- vaginal, oral, and anal.” 

After pushing this filth on helpless African children, the United Nations then finalized their project, giving it a new title called “International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education.”

So how exactly did a manual written by the United Nations then find its way into the American school system? Well unfortunately, there’s dirty groups in America that have formed powerful allies with the United Nations such as Planned Parenthood who have an active interest in hyper-sexualizing our children so they can ensure they have future customers. The International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education cites Planned Parenthood a whopping 14 times.

In addition to having the powerful backing of lucrative corporations such as Planned Parenthood, this pornographic filth being pushed in our schools has gone unfettered thanks to a statute that most people have never even heard of. The  Obscenity Exemption Statute (OES) was a statute passed back in the 1970s and protects schools  who give damaging pornographic materials to children in 43 of our 50 states! While any adult handing this material to a child would immediately be jailed and labeled a sex offender for the rest of their lives, schools are perfectly protected with teaching this as part of their curriculum. 

Jaco Booyens is the president and founder of SHARE, an organization that helps fight human trafficking around the world, and he pointed in a recent interview with Glenn Beck that the average age of introduction to pornography among little boys is just 8-years-old and is a weapon that’s actively being used against our children. 

“It’s a destructive force, and when it’s introduced in kindergarten, it will be used to control a nation. It will make children turn against religion, against faith, and against their parents, tearing down the very moral fabric of our nation.”

Unfortunately, the targeting of our children by these disgusting people has been going on for decades in our country. One sicko who was paramount in getting this ball of debauchery running in our country was Doctor Kinzy, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his scientific experiments that were nothing short of child abuse. In one such experimentation, Doctor Kinzy put 4-year-olds together for 24 hours to see how many orgasms a 4-year-old child could make another 4-year-old have. Everything that we’re seeing in these sick sex manuals have come from this man’s teachings and writings. People such as Kinzy should have been locked in prison for child sex abuse, but instead, he was celebrated in our country as a “great American scientist” and “one of the most important people in the world.”

What’s disturbing is to see how things taking place are all tied together. As these evil people are working to normalize sex among kindergarteners, California just lowered penalties for adults who have sexual relations with minors. This is related by design. We can easily connect the dots and see why these people want to normalize sex and lower the age of consent, and why they’re working so hard to classify pedofilia as a “sexual orientation.”

Another startling example to see how our society has already been flushed down the toilet comes with a recent bill that was passed in California known as the “The Sterilization Act” or the “Transgender equity fund.” This taxpayer-funded program will now give funds to a child sexual agency to help transgender children. So, if a 3-year-old girl decides she wants to be a boy, the parent can take them into Planned Parenthood and get a drug called Luperin which is a puberty blocker that will cause a little girl to be completely sterilized. Since she will never get her period, it then becomes easier for her to transition to a male when she turns 18. It’s legal eugenics and it is disgusting. And this passed in a blink of an eye by the communists in California. 

It’s astonishing what’s being crammed down the necks of our children. So what can we do to stop it? How can we work together as parents to stop what is going on? Much of this sexualization of our children agenda is being pushed through by organizations such as Planned Parenthood and the ACLU, who will then in turn team up with radical members of school boards and teacher’s unions. If you see a  progressive school board member or a member of the teacher’s union being pushed to run for state legislature, watch them like a hawk. 

These are attacks on our religious liberties, our parental authority, and childhood innocence, and it’s straight up child abuse. One woman who is working incredibly hard with parents to stop and expose this agenda is a woman by the name of Rebecca Friedrichs who runs a website called On her website, you can gather facts about these programs and arm yourselves so you are equipped to confront the school officials at your child’s school. On her website, parents can see exactly what’s being taught at their child’s school and describes sex education and what parents can do on the local level. 

The sexualization of our children isn’t some random occurrence. It isn’t just some creepy guy down the street targeting your children. It’s a very coordinated attack on our children where this filth is now being peddled to break down our moral fiber and tear down our family structure. When this generation of 4-year-old children are being taught to begin experimenting with sex, what kind of adults will this produce? It’s truly frightening to think what America will be if we do not put a stop to the destruction of this next generation.

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