EXPOSED: Terrifying Vaccine Technology That Gov. Can Use To Control Your Brain


Vaccine companies and criminals like Bill Gates are doing everything they can to push the COVID-19 vaccine on the human race, despite the dangers the vaccine poses. Physicians like Dr. Carrie Madej’s video warnings about the vaccine continue to be banned from YouTube and Facebook, as big tech is now on board to keep the truth about the COVID-19 vaccine under wraps. Now even more problematic issues are surfacing about these COVID vaccines and it’s our job as patriotic Americans to get this message out to everyone we can.

If you think this this vaccine is about your health, you’ve got another thing coming. This new vaccine technology is dangerous to our health, an invasion of privacy, and could potentially change who we are as a human race completely. And keep in mind, thanks to the laws that exist in America, vaccine companies have ZERO liability if harm is done to humans. So if you’re hurt, you’re maimed, you’re crippled or you’re paralyzed, you have absolutely no recourse. There’s no incentive for these criminal-backed companies to make these vaccines safe. But of course criminals like Bill and Melinda Gates will be able to go on with their life, lining their pockets while the human race suffers from their harmful vaccines.

Whistleblowers are being systematically silenced

In our previous article about the COVID vaccine that you can read HERE, we exposed the terrifying truth about how this vaccine technology has never been used before and how the substances will permanently alter your DNA. Many researchers and whistleblowers have been trying to get this information to the public but are systematically demonized and silenced. When there’s money behind these vaccines, it’s hard to get the truth because the media is behind it. Vaccine companies like Corvelva, Moderna, CureVac, and Inovio are all companies backed by the Bill Gates Foundation and are given tens of millions of dollars for their scientific research and vaccine development. And what these companies are developing so we can be monitored and controlled is nothing short of chilling.

Over the past 2 decades, scientists have figured out how to rewrite parts of human genetic codes (translocate), where they can insert portions of a gene into another gene, or take sections out and replace it with synthetic genes or replace it from another organism. This is like completely rewriting your body’s software program. There’s so much to consider with this type of scientific technology. How much of our human genome would have to be changed in order to not be considered human anymore? Is it ethical? Is it something God would approve of?

They are rewriting our DNA, which is just like a computer code

Each of us have enough DNA in our bodies to stretch out to 10 billion miles when uncoiled. In comparison, that would be equivalent to 35K terabytes of data, which would be 35 millions of high definition video. Inside of you holds the blueprint for life, how your body functions, reproduces, your thoughts, memories and emotions. It’s truly a wonderful and overwhelming intricate system that God has created. DNA is similar to a computer code or binary code. Similar to changing a small part of a computer code, your body could also be changed significantly and have a grand effect if DNA was altered. So what motivation would these vaccine companies have to change our DNA and replace it with synthetic substances?

The Recombinant DNA/Recombinant RNA technology that they’re putting into the new COVID vaccines has never been administered on humans before, and no one knows the long-term effects of making humans into genetically-modified organisms. But criminals like Bill Gates want this vaccine fast-tracked and put into every single human on planet earth. And it’s extremely dangerous as these companies have completely skipped over the normal 6 year animal trials that are typically required to demonstrate vaccine safety. Neither are these companies using any sort of  scientific method to test the safety of these vaccines. The other blaring issue is that there’s no randomized placebo trials for the vaccine which is the gold standard for medicine to be approved by the FDA. And the kicker is that these companies are completely exempt from providing evidence that the vaccine will do what they claim it will do. They are exempt from any randomized/controlled trials and exempt from providing evidence that the vaccine even works. All these companies are required to do is prove that the vaccine is producing antibodies. But just because you have antibodies doesn’t mean will have an immunity to the disease. .

When it comes down to it, it’s all about complete control of the human race.

In 2012, DARPA acknowledged they’ve created a brain machine interface, or artificial intelligence that will meld with the human brain. This technology will allow the human brain to form a  neural network and have the ability to communicate by thought alone, or be influenced/controlled remotely. The idea is that you could simply think about something and control electronic devices around you. While that might sound cool to be able to turn on your stove simply by thinking about wanting dinner, what’s terrifying is that if messages are going out, they can also be received.

Another DARPA program that began a decade ago was The Next-Generation Nonsurgical Neurotechnology (N3) program aims to develop high-performance, bi-directional brain-machine interfaces for able-bodied service members.

The government being able to read and write information directly to your brain. Yeah, nothing could go wrong there! What happens to your memories? Can the government add information to make you think something happened to you that didn’t? While it might sound cool to be able to download how to do karate instantly into your brain, what happens when the government is literally controlling your brain and able to manipulate your thoughts, emotions, and experiences? You wouldn’t know what is reality and what isn’t. You’d become a character in a computer program that you do not control. This is not sci-fi–this is today.

Military DARPA program now teaming up with vaccine companies

So what else is DARPA up to? Well they’ve developed the hydrogel/nanotechnology that are used in vaccines, which will be used as “health monitoring” that will sync to a smart phone and upload this information to artificial intelligence, which can then be used by whoever is controlling the technology, AKA the government. Hydrogel/nanotechnology grows and spreads within your body once implanted, which we have no clue how this will eventually affect our DNA.

The COVID tracking apps that they’re getting everyone accustomed to using is just a step towards this. You have the app and the vaccine, and now you have the hydrogel. And the hydrogel will now be able to forever monitor every single thing about you. Private information like the number of times you’ve had sex, whether you’re menstruating, how much alcohol you’ve had, or whether you’re up to date on your vaccines. Even the number of steps you’ve taken in a day, or your mood and sleep would all be able to be monitored by an AI program.

Cancer cells and aborted fetal tissue

All vaccines use MRC 5 aborted fetal cell line from the 1960’s, which are also called Diploid Cells. This is an immortalized cell line, meaning that this cell has lost its ability to go through apoptosis. (Apoptosis is a form of programmed cell death that occurs in multicellular organisms.) A cell that cannot go through a death process is the definition of cancer. So vaccine manufacturers will use a lot of fancy lingo so you don’t understand what’s in their vaccines, or that you’re basically injecting yourself with a cancerous cell. (If you’ve ever received an MMR, chicken pox, polio, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, these all have aborted fetal cells in them. )

These vaccines will completely change what it means to be human

With these vaccines that are able to alter our DNA/RNA, we are rapidly entering into unchartered  territory, and with this technology, it could forever change what it means to be human. These vaccines at the very least are extremely dangerous. They’re using cancerous mutagenic cell lines into our bodies. They’re introducing toxins into our bodies and different animal genomes. They do not have proof that these vaccines are safe, or even that they will work. The DNA/RNA technology will cause permanent and unknown genetic changes in our bodies. Once your DNA is changed, you’ll live with that change for the rest of your life. There’s no going back. You’re forever altered. Essentially, these vaccine companies and creeps like Bill Gates are creating a new species, and perhaps destroying an old one and introducing nanotechnology and its effects into the body and hooking us up into an artificial intelligence interface.

H/T [Carrie Madej]


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