Doctor Finally Exposes Truth: Which Vaccines Are Really Abortion-Tainted


Any time a doctor or whistle-blower speaks about about the dangers of vaccines, they are routinely demonized and diminished. But that’s not stopping Dr. Marissa Brand who is putting her career on the line and speaking out at LifeSite’s recent virtual conference where she’s revealing once and for all which companies are using fetal tissue lines for their development and research. 

Dr. Band is not just a health specialist, but she’s also a voice when it comes to speaking about the ethical issues of vaccine production. As a board-certified doctor of Natural Medicine and Doctor of Humanitarian Services with a PhD in Natural Medicine, she decided to start researching vaccines after dealing with her own health issues and working with patients who have suffered from vaccine-related injuries and health issues. In her recent talk, she went into detail about the various vaccines and which ones contain cell lines from aborted babies or have tested from those aborted cell lines. She’s also warning parents about the dangers of children receiving these vaccines stating, “here we are injecting into our children regularly with products which can be toxic, deadly, and hazardous.”

Lifesitenews Reports:

Dr. Brand began by saying that although the two FDA-approved COVID vaccines, the Pfizer and Moderna shots, do not contain aborted fetal cells in the end-product, they are used “in the development and research.” At the same time, the Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca shots do include the DNA of aborted children.

Brand went on to list every single vaccine which includes fetal cell lines. Here are just some: MMR (mumps, measles, rubella), ProQuad (MMR plus chickenpox), Twinrix (combines vaccines for Hepatitis A and B), all the chicken pox vaccines, one of the rabies vaccines, and many more.

The doctor also said that babies who were manipulated in the lab for vaccine testing and manufacturing were not just aborted decades ago, but many fetal cell lines are from children aborted as recently as 2015. Brand highlighted that “if we keep using aborted fetal DNA in vaccines, we’re going to need more abortions to happen, which is really sad.”

Moreover, Brand described the link between vaccines and autism. She described how the increasing rates of autism coincided with the introduction of several vaccines, including the two doses of the MMR vaccine and the chickenpox shot. The vaccine specialist said that studies show that “about 35 to 40 percent of [autistic children] have antibodies to human DNA,” which links to the vaccines which include fetal DNA from aborted babies.

For parents of vaccine-injured children, it’s extremely frustrating to look back and wish that you’d made a different decision. It’s so incredibly difficult to get a straight answer on the potential danger of vaccines, as a Google search will only provide articles in their query that will wind up making you feel like a conspiracy nut for even questioning things. Dr. Brand reveals that there are many ingredients that parents have no clue about. Babies and infants are getting injected with dangerous levels of aluminum that even the FDA approves of. And many “also contain thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative, in amounts which even the EPA does not allow to be placed in water supplies.”

As headlines continue to resound that “nobody is safe until everyone is vaccinated,” or that “it’s an ethical obligation,” we need to hold fast that little voice inside that is the Holy Spirit warning us when something isn’t right.  It’s so incredibly important that as parents we do research before allowing ourselves or our children to get injected with these vaccines. Not only are they riddled with harmful substances, but it should go against the conscience of any good Christian to allow ingredients derived from aborted babies to be used in medicine.


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