“Digital Certificate” Airlines Will Soon Implement Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

For years, people have gotten sick when traveling for a vacation or business, but no one really thought much about it. Well, that is before the year 2020 and COVID-19 has invaded our every thought and conversation. Earlier this year, the world was inundated with continuous propaganda from the mainstream media that the coronavirus was the deadliest virus the modern world had ever seen, and with that came an Orwellian nightmare that keeps getting worse.

The privacy of individuals has become a thing of the past as our rights have been diluted for the good of the herd. And now they are about to go one step further in stripping away our rights by requiring you to carry a “health pass” to travel in the country.

It appears that airlines are about to start requiring passengers to sign up for a “health pass” that also includes a digital certificate of vaccination for COVID-19 before you board their flights.

This requirement would be similar to the new system that Ticketmaster is considering when customers purchase event tickets. The system would be making customers prove that they’ve tested negative for the Coronavirus or that they have proof of being recently vaccinated.

Ticketmaster then came back to further clarify their statement by saying that those measures would be decided by the event organizer. However, the event giant has not fully disregarded implementing the system into their website.

Now, after airlines heard of this new and fascinating way to further trample on the privacy of individuals, they too are considering adopting a similar system.  Axios reported, “Three global alliances representing 58 airlines are pushing governments to allow widespread COVID-19 testing of passengers instead of existing quarantine restrictions that they argue are ineffective and have killed travel demand,”

Passengers would have to follow the same steps that Ticketmaster laid out before they would be able to board a plane. The passenger would have to prove that they tested negative for the virus 24-72 hours before flying, or they would need to provide proof that they have received the vaccine.

“The bottom line: No heath pass? No admittance. And perhaps, no flying,” states the report.

That is just the beginning of this Orwellian nightmare. This proposal would would be organized under the auspices of CommonPass, a program sponsored by the World Economic Forum that is pushing for a post-COVID “Great Reset” that would fundamentally transform the world.

Quick memo….the reset is not a good thing.

This sort of hinderance comes on the heels of Uber who has already begun the process of refusing to service people who do not adhere to their Coronavirus restrictions. In a new ad by the ridesharing behemouth, they demand that people take a selfie to prove that they are wearing a mask if they have been flagged by the system before for not wearing one. In the new ad, the taxi service yells at their potential customer saying, “No mask. No ride. We said it. We meant it.”

Thankfully, many on Twitter were obviously a little taken aback by this YUGE violation.

“Nanny state aesthetics are going to kill companies,” said one.

“They’re dead set on making city life as unbearable as possible,” remarked another.

“That copy makes me wanna never ride with Uber again. So fuckin whack,” said another.

In fact, this is the “new normal” that we are often hearing about in the news and on social media. This sort of classification will place individuals on a sort of caste system that would prohibit them from being able to travel, have any form of a social life, or even have the most base of financial services.

If you have ever wondered how they would usher in the New World Order, you are looking at it square in the eye right now. The global elite wish to control every single one of us but to do that they must create a situation that would soften the resolve of the individual to hand over their rights.

What better way to prey on one’s emotions then to create a global pandemic and presume that they would have the answer on how to keep you safe. At first, it was a two week shutdown, then masks, six feet apart, and so forth until we all just roll over and take the vaccine so that we can get back to “normal.” However, that normal will never come as they will continue to push us into more ways to be a slave to the system that they created.

There is only one way to stop this nightmare that is heading full throttle toward us, and that is for us to resist. We must resist these tactics and stand up for our individual rights, or before long we will not have any rights, and we will all just be another brick in the wall. This is an extremely slippery slope and will soon lead to everyone being chipped. You mark my words. 


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