David Hogg Pillow Update: Yes It Has a Name. And Yes, It’s as Stupid As You’d Expect


If there were 2 people in our country competing for the Dumbest In America, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and David Hogg would be neck and neck, as the race at this point is too close to call. You all remember the little skinny anti-gun activist David Hogg who became internet famous after calling on his fellow students to wear Nazi-reminiscent armbands to protest guns while they spat ignorant things about guns to Americans, and instantly became a hero of the Left. Well now Hogg is back in the news as he’s now creating a pillow company to compete with “white supremacist” Mike Lindell’s pillows, and the name is just as stupid as you’d expect.

Ever since Biden stole the election, Liberals have been hilariously lecturing us on “unity” as they drag President Trump through another impeachment circus, while at the same time labeling anyone who disagrees with their ongoing criminal antics as “domestic terrorists.” In another shining example of “unity,” liberal child star David Hogg now wants to put Mike Lindell out of business while pushing his new pillow brand on Americans while blasting Lindell as a “white supremacist” over social media.

Starting a pillow completely made out of feelings without a single feather of white supremacy, Hogg needed a truly epic name. And after a long consideration, the child genius finally came up for a good name for his pillow. “Announcing, Good pillow!” he tweeted out. He went on:

“Seven days ago they said it could not be done. Seven days ago we joked online about just how powerful a pillow company could be. To the believers – those who dared to imagine a pillow company could be about more than just pillows – thank you for turning our wildest dreams into reality. Rest assured, Good Pillow is well underway :^)”

Hilariously, the very same group of people who want to slam the “evil capitalist America” are the very same ones looking to cash in and prove to the world what hypocritical morons they truly are. But really? Calling your product “Good Pillow?” Is being trolled part of your marketing plan? It will be fun to watch his head explode when he discovers what his quarterly estimated taxes will be and the soul-crushing feeling of sending the IRS a good chunk of his earnings every few months. I’m willing to bet his views on socialism will suddenly change and he’ll be retracting his previous statements of how he would “gladly pay more in taxes.” Hilariously, Hogg is not picking the socialist utopia state of California to run his business out of.

The Washington Times reported:

Gun control activist David Hogg‘s planned pillow empire to counter conservative entrepreneur Mike Lindell will not call “The Golden State” home.

The anti-MyPillow, for all intents and purposes, will launch in a state where Mr. Hogg‘s future employees can actually live and he can pay them a “living wage.”

“What states would you say are the best to start a business in and why so?” he asked Twitter followers over the weekend in a series of posts. “States that are not California (cost of living is way too high).”

He also specified some other desirable features in a location, but California is the only place he categorically ruled out.

“Not required but would love to create jobs in areas that have lost many jobs to deindustrialization. Also not required but would prefer to be near the mean population center of the US which is like a 500-mile circle around [the] Memphis area. Having the HQ “Pillow Fort” there and eventual manufacturing would be nice for logistics and distribution & reducing emissions from transport.”

Critics immediately noted Hogg’s decision to shun one of the nation’s biggest bastions of liberalism, pointing out that David suddenly “has an appreciation for the negative effects of government regulation, taxes, and incompetence.”


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