China Just Busted Stealing Space Technology Thanks To What Biden Gave Them 20 Yrs Ago

Over the past year, China has exhibited just how far they’ll go for the quest for world domination. And if creating a virus to infect the entire planet isn’t enough of an example of their disturbing lust for power, now what they’re doing to America’s military will infuriate you. But what will make you really want to hurl something across the room is just how far “Beijing Biden” has been assisting them in their global plot for global dominance all the way back since the 1990’s.

China is definitely lacking in the morals department. It’s no secret how they are professionals at violating human rights, stealing intellectual property, and stealing other countries’ technology for years. So, it should come as no surprise that now that they’re entering the space age race with America, they’ll do whatever it takes to achieve international dominance. And thanks to Beijing Biden, they’re being fast-tracked at a rapid pace to get there.

For years now, Joe Biden has been singing the praises of Communist China, working to embrace them into the global trading system. He flat-out lied by pushing the ridiculous propaganda allowing China to be part of the permanent normal trade relations (PNTR) and that it would “benefit American workers,” which has done nothing but achieve the complete opposite.

Back in the day, Biden’s advisor Steve Ricchetti worked to organize the PNTR effort, where the bill passed and secured China’s entry into the World Trade Organization and solidified the communist regime’s global economic ties.

This bill that passed 20 years ago, (thanks to Biden) caused China’s massive growth in trade, which went on to have a profoundly negative effect on both U.S. workers and our economy:

Global trade in high-level technology products, which was frequently discussed as advantageous for the United States, fell under China’s control. This included nuclear technology, more advanced elements of computer and electronic technology, and aerospace technology. Many critics of PNTR rightly claimed that it would not benefit the U.S. worker but would instead lead to significant job losses. They also correctly questioned whether China would comply with the trade agreement.”

China wasn’t satisfied with only stealing American jobs. They then set their sites on NASA where they were caught stealing NASA technology and hacking into our computers. Their cyber technology espionage is so out of control at this point that they have now stolen technology from every major U.S. company.

“They have taken technology from NASA, and they have hit the NSF computers . . . You name the company, and the Chinese are trying to get its secrets.”

One such dirty Chinese plot was exposed back in 2018, when two Chinese hackers were busted “with operating a 12-year CCP-sponsored campaign to steal data from at least 45 U.S. companies or government agencies, including NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Goddard Space Flight Center,” undercover DC reported. The Pentagon Report published in 2019 revealed that China continues to implement “cyber theft” and other criminal methods to reinforce its Communist military which is expected to give them very rapid growth.

Just this year, Federal agents busted the Chinese for attempting to steal our space technology after catching 33-year-old Chinese national Pengyi Li in the act. He was caught at the Honolulu International Airport as he was about to board a flight to Hong Kong, and in his possession was a bag of export-controlled electronics.

“He believed they had come from rogue U.S. brokers, but they were actually part of an undercover sting operation. Li’s arrest was the culmination of a two-year investigation into an effort to smuggle sensitive components used in spacecraft and missiles out of the U.S. and into China,” undercover DC went on:

This matters because even though China has a burgeoning space program, much of its space hardware is produced by state-owned enterprises connected to the military. The country still relies on the commercial use of a Boeing-built satellite to communicate with military bases in the South China Sea. In particular, missile technology is key to Beijing’s plan to deter U.S. armed forces, which could explain its pursuit of technology related to space vehicles and the kinds of remote-sensing devices needed to deploy them effectively.

Currently, the U.S., China, Russia (and now India) have the technology to wage war in outer space. Each has successfully destroyed a satellite in orbit which is achieved using a direct-ascent anti-satellite (DA-ASAT) weapon. A DA-ASAT is essentially a ballistic missile with its own guidance system positioned on top that is launched from the ground. Once at orbital speeds, kinetic energy destroys the satellite without the use of explosives.

The U.S. and Russia achieved this phenomenal accomplishment in the 1980s. China conducted its first successful DA-ASAT experiment in 2007, which was widely condemned throughout the international space community because it produced a potentially hazardous cloud of nearly 3,000 pieces of debris that were large enough to be tracked by NASA (including several thousand more pieces of debris that were too small to see) in a heavily used belt of Earth’s orbit. This is significant because even tiny pieces of debris can be dangerous for the International Space Station or other satellites.

It’s absolutely sickening that thanks to Biden and his pro-China policies, we now have a very dangerous enemy stealing the very secrets that have made America the number one superpower. And now this clown is fighting to steal the presidency so he can further his radical agenda of selling us down the river to our enemies!

H/T [Undercover DC]

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