Biden Just Put The Screws To Freezing Texans

As Texans have spent the last week literally freezing to death and hundreds of thousands remain without power, Biden is showing us exactly what he thinks of the American people he now leads. Biden’s homeland security advisor appears to be doing damage-control at this point, but it’s becoming too little too late for those who have lost their lives making many wonder just what the heck is going on up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

When President Trump was in office he did everything in his power to take care of the American people. We saw him constantly deploying FEMA and aid whenever there was a natural disaster and visiting those affected by any sort of hurricane or tornado. Now we are witnessing quite the opposite with Biden in the seat, where Breitbart reports that he’s only bothered to send an appalling 60 generators to suffering families down in Texas.

FEMA has delivered only 60 generators to assist Texas residents, even though hundreds of thousands remain without power for the sixth day in a row.

President Joe Biden’s homeland security advisor Liz Sherwood-Randall said Thursday that FEMA had sent 60 generators to assist Texas localities without power.

“Specifically, in Texas [FEMA] has made 60 generators and fuel available to support critical sites like hospitals and water facilities,” Sherwood-Randall said during the White House press briefing, even as she acknowledged that 600,000 people in the state of Texas remain without power.

Earlier in the week, as many as eight million residents in the south-central part of the country and even in Mexico were without power after a freezing winter storm hit the region.

We’re barely a month into this clown show of an admisntration and Biden and his cohorts are already putting the screws to the American people. National Guard soldiers are still being horrifically neglected as they protect the White House in frigid temperatures where they’ve been banished to the parking garages to sleep in the cold with only one outlet and one bathroom.

“Images of National Guard soldiers camped in a cold parking garage after being sent to protect Washington sparked new calls Friday for investigations of the U.S. Capitol Police, now facing allegations that the agency evicted troops sent to help after its failure to stop rioting mobs two weeks ago,” reported.

Biden tried to do damage control by sending his wife to go get cookies for the troops, which was completely laughable. When Biden isn’t neglecting the troops, he’s spending his spare time playing Mario Cart and making a complete mockery of his new position as Commander-in-Chief.

As millions of Texans remain without power and our military sleep in cold parking garages, now Texans are facing a drinking water shortage. reports:

As the lights come back on for millions of Texans after widespread outages caused by brutal winter weather, roughly half the state’s population is now contending with unsafe drinking water and many face a costly clean-up from burst water pipes.

“There is enough generation on the electric system to allow us to begin to return to more normal operating conditions,” Dan Woodfin, a senior official at the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, the grid operator, said on Friday. Ercot said it had exited emergency conditions and that the grid was back to normal operations for the first time since early Monday morning. The number of households without power has fallen sharply since Thursday morning. Fewer than 200,000 homes are currently without power, compared to a peak of more than 4m earlier in the week, according to data from PowerOutage. US, which tracks disruptions across the country.

The return to service for some remains slow, however, as utility companies repair downed power lines and iced transformers, and the effects of the bitter cold and extended loss of power are being felt across the state. Around 13m people are under water boil notices, according to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, after hundreds of water systems across the state failed during the extreme cold and loss of power.

Could you image the fallout if people were freezing to death on President Trump’s watch? We would never hear the end of it for days and they would be calling for his impeachment or accusing him of dereliction of duty. But of course the crooked media, which is the propaganda arm of the Deep State, will continue to give Mario Cart Biden a free pass no matter what he does to hurt the American people.

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