Biden and Libs Frantic To Cover Up Their Crime As 100 Employees Vanish Without a Trace

Liberals are working overtime to cover up their crime of stealing the election where they are now purging people from social media for even questioning the outcome of the election. Outspoken Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani is getting the worst of the Liberal wrath, where they’re now seeking to get him disbarred from practicing law and permanently silencing him from speaking out against the Dominion Voting Systems that were used to steal the presidential race. Shortly after Dominion announced their news to sue Giuliani to the tune of an outlandish $1.3 billion dollars in order to bully him into submissive silence, a very suspicious coverup has just begun that has everyone raising their eyebrows.

If Dominion is truly innocent of any wrongdoing, and Giuliani is guilty of peddling “false conspiracy theories” about their voting machines as their lawsuit claims, then why in the world are their employees vanishing without a trace? Ever since election day, at least 100 of 243 Dominion workers have deleted their LinkedIn profiles. Right after people began noticing the disappearance, it didn’t take long for people to also realize that all of their software engineers are in Serbia.

What does this company have to hide? The GOP Times digs further into the story:

The American public is demanding to know exactly why there is such a rush to delete personal information profiles of Dominion employees from LinkedIn. It makes nervous voters wonder what they have to hide.

Until election day, virtually every employee of the firm proudly shared their credentials and biographies with the world. Suddenly, in the wake of election fraud accusations, “Over 40% of Dominion’s employees with profiles on LinkedIn” have “eliminated their profiles from the social media giant.” Why?

Rosie Memos wants to know, “why are all the Dominion people deleting their profiles on LinkedIn?” Also, it “looks like all their software engineers are in Serbia. Nothing could go wrong.”

The Gateway Pundit did some research and came up with a comparison chart where they note, “Here is a list of some of those profiles before they were taken down.” They also mention, “Also of note was that all their software engineers were located in Serbia.

ComputerWorld points out that voting machines, which are privately manufactured and developed, didn’t come from a secure source. But when people ask legitimate questions, the company then tries to remain tight-lipped, making the excuse that their information is “proprietary.”

“Just like the Facebook and Google display algorithms, nobody outside the company has any idea what all that code really does,” The GOP Times reported.”

The democracy of our country depends on free and honest elections, and the code that these Dominion machines are using should be readily available for anyone to look at. That way, any flaws or shady business can be detected before crooks like Biden can steal a presidential election. The GOP Times went on:

The Open Source Election Technology Foundation is fighting hard for an “election system that shifts from proprietary, vendor-owned systems” to one owned “by the people of the United States.” That isn’t doing much good now though.

Dominion claims they “develop” their systems in the U.S. and Canada. They just happen to have “an office in Belgrade, Serbia.” They recently ran an ad to hire “four senior software developers in Belgrade.” Firm spokesman Chris Riggall (allegedly his real name) admits, “some of our software development is undertaken outside the U.S. and Canada, specifically, in Serbia, where we have conducted operations for 10 years.”

Dominion insists they take measures “to ensure the accuracy, integrity and security of the software we create for our products.” Do they also build in back-door features? Election officials in Michigan admitted “that 6,000 Trump votes were entered by mistake for Biden, due to a ‘software error.’

The same software is associated with ‘bugs’ in Georgia.” Just by coincidence, “The company is part of a globalist network. The lobbyist of that company is the assistant of Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democrats in the Congress.

Yeah, nothing to see here. Let’s just all ignore the fact that The Clinton Foundation and many high-profile Democratic politicians are directly connected to the company.

Lord help us if these criminals don’t pay for their unbelievable antics of stealing our election. Our democracy will forever be ruined, and elections will be pointless because the winner will already be pre-determined by the criminals and politicians who control these voting machines.

H/T [The GOP Times]

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