Banned Patriot Issues an Urgent Message That Could Save Our Constitutional Republic

As patriotic Americans who love their country, many of us have been left reeling after our country was highjacked by the dirty elite who just took over America with stolen presidential election. Many of us are questioning how this could have happened and why Trump wasn’t able to do more to stop it. We are left angrily pondering how Joe Biden, with his brazen and historic laundry list of crimes and fraud, was able weasel his way into the White House with his fake votes. Now one patriotic American, who recently purged from social media and had his massive following wiped out, is putting out an urgent message on his Telegram channel. And it’s important to take heed to the words that he says as they contain the Godly wisdom we need to save our republic. Qtah writes:

“My fellow Patriots, I was compelled to write this message to you this Sunday afternoon as I sit and reflect on all that has happened. It’s been a long time coming, however I know change is going to come. We are now awake to it. We see it. We will remain active on all fronts.

We will push for true change! Let me walk away from the plan for a second and praise God the almighty for his work that he’s done. He gave us 4 years of the Greatest President of all time. Constitutional judges across the board. A supreme court that is loaded right. Tax breaks that we all saw and COULD feel! We stood up on the world stage again as Americans that were a proud people once again. We rescinded regulations together that binded our families and businesses, God was even smiling as we put him first again in our schools and halls. We learned the crushing truths about human trafficking in the world we live in.

We saw the greatest campaigns of war fought against it with our beloved POTUS. It still wages on as we sit here today and God bless everyone of them that are awaiting safe haven. Jeffrey Epstein is gone and lord knows that he didn’t kill himself (keep the meme alive), they are our greatest form of technology to fight against the system that controls us. Lord knows Ghislaine is singing like a choir gal, trying her best to avoid the impossible. There is a saying out there that goes like this “The thought is bigger than the truth”. Well my friends and colleagues this is where I will transition back into the plan, YOU and YOURS are the thought that can create change, true change we can believe in. We can continue to rely on Trump and our military or WE as a true united people can change the country. Take the truth in your hand and sprinkle it like seed. Watch it grow as we move forward and shade our children. I could sit here and recite all the details of everything and make you feel good but God told me to go a different direction today.

Time to act! Time for us as a country to get in the town hall meetings, share facts, get involved with your children’s schools, tell the person screaming at you about your mask that it is nothing more than the flu. When did the American Patriot become so passive? Did we put too much of our own good will in President Trump? We must become the resistance to this globalist takeover. Your voices are more important than ever right now as they are taken down and stored.

Find the next way to rise up. Even if it’s only 1 person hearing you. [They] are scared, [They] know our strength. They never thought the spark could be lit, well dark winter will eventually come to an end. The flame will only grow more and more within each of you. Do not take to violence, for that is the way of devils. That is what they would love for us to resort to. Use your mind and your knowledge. For it is God’s greatest gift that he could give us. You can change more men and women with your insight and thoughts than you ever could with the whip.

Your THOUGHT travels fast and when used accurately it can move mountains. Remember Moses had to put his thought into parting the sea and leading his people. It will and can change those around you. Our minds are greater than facebook, greater than twitter, greater than here on telegram. We have the ability to shift history. YOU are in this battle for a reason. God has gifted you with armor so pure. Allow CNN, MSNDC, Faux News to put your name on their station.

Become the Patriot that will take on the world for their children, their family, their neighbor. Fly your flag, express your beliefs, use your greatest weapon and the information that has been given to you! We are in this together. Remember thought, that 1 man can change the world. Patriots, God has shown us the way, it is now time to walk down that path. Every Patriot right now reading this know that I will pray for you, know that God hears you.

Know that we are the silent MAJORITY. [They] never thought we would awake. Well here we are. Gods warriors ready to work, ready to make the sacrifices, ready to keep on winning winning winning.

If you haven’t moved over to Telegram, you should check it out. Many silenced patriotic voices are now using the app to regain their following and spread the message of hope and truthful journalism to their fellow Americans. You can follow Qtah on Telegram at this link.

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